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The Tiger Lillies - Illustration of Songs

Ever wondered what the grotesque, eerie songs of  The Tiger Lillies would look like if they were expressed visually? In Anne Sophie Malmberg's interpretation of selected songs the dark, carnal side of The Tiger Lillies' universe is infused with a poetic beauty and melancholy. Angry men and tired whores, ships and breasts and naked tree branches come together in a pulsating book that beckons the reader/viewer to explore new dimensions of The Tiger Lillies' disturbing musical material.

"The Tiger Lillies - Illustration of Songs" by Anne Sophie Malmberg journeys into the chaotic, dirty underbelly of existence. In art - as in life - lust, beauty, sadness and raw violence interchange at a dizzying rollercoaster speed.

"The Tiger Lillies - Illustration of Songs"
74 pages 38 x 26 cm
first edition 2008: 100 books
Price: 29,50 Euros + shipping